Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Snow Day!

So why are these boys all rosy? Because they're warming up from their winter wonderland activities. We all got a snow day today as both school and daycare were called due to the weather. And boy was I glad. The Celtic Consort called on his way to work to say if I could take the day off, I should as the roads were pretty crappy. Over 500 school closings and delays, a child's dream. So after I dug out some boots for Elder Celting, the boys and Ginger went out into the snow. There was snowman construction which quickly developed into a snowball fight. This was quickly followed by lots of sledding. The back yard has two hills which make for a great ride. I had to call in the cold wet Celtings before they became Celt-cicles. :) Everything into the dryer and hot chocolate into bellies.

So what was I doing besides standing at the kitchen window taking pictures? Well, I'm working on Rogue. As you can see, I'm almost done with the first sleeve and hope to get past the main cabling of the second sleeve this evening. The goal is to be able to wear it for the weekend. Although, I have to see how the sleeve will lay with the body. I may have to frog the sleeve cap to add some length but we'll see. You'll have to excuse the color on the pictures. In order to get the cable detail, I sacrificed the color accuracy. Oh and I used PumpkinMama's grafting instructions for the hood. Not bad...

After Rogue, the next project is Elder Celting's Faux Fairisle Hoodie. I can't wait to start on that one.


DPUTiger said...

Everybody needs to STOP knitting awesome sweaters that I want to make too! I have enough in my queue already! Your purple sweater looks great. Looking forward to seeing you at the shop on Saturday! :)

Unfortunately, there was no snow on my commute and I'm on a mini-break during Hour 11 in the office today. ::sigh::

Heather said...

beautiful sweater! I am loving alpaca today after wearing my hat and scarf out to shovel the drive (nearly 2 hours!! who thought it was a good idea to shovel while it was still snowing??) and I couldn't believe when I came in how I was still toasty warm with all that snow on top of my head!!