Monday, November 24, 2008

Let The Countdown Begin!

Okay I know I've been away for a WHILE. I'm busily working up a storm here. Good news is that soccer season is over. Bad news, holiday knit season is on. I think it's going to be a little bit of a challenge but I can do it.
I have FOUR teacher gifts to knit up. I've opted for 3 scarves and 1 pair of Fetching. Here's a pic of the first scarf, the Noro Stripe done with Patons SWS. I'm going to do a second with a different color set. The other scarf with be the brioche scarf from Weekend Knitting.
Then we have a pair of socks for my mom. Excuse the colors as I'm not a fan but she is. The brighter the better for her. I'm working on them on the trolley.
While we're doing those, I'm also finishing up a Babies & Bears for a coworker. I'm hoping to finish tonight or tomorrow.
And of course, the Celtings' Snowflake Sweaters. Mostly done but still work to do.

Wish me luck!


DPUTiger said...

Looking good! You're making fantastic progress. Way to go!

Heather said...

good luck! and nice to see you post!!