Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Younger Celting

Seven years ago, this trouble bubble came into the world. He has grown a bit since then but is more talkative now. Today is a bit subdued as both he and Elder Celting are grounded for their behavior this past weekend. Saturday we are doing cake and ice cream with the family. However, so that today is not a total bust, I made cupcakes for school and mint chocolate chip cookies for home. TASTY!

Now on to the knitting! In case you missed it, YC is wearing his Snowflake Saddle Hoodie. He wears it as soon as it comes out of the wash. Also any time he think I won't notice that it hasn't been washed yet. EC has been wearing his but I can't seem to get a decent shot where he's smiling.

First of all, since my moebius was lost, I started on this one. I just need to finish the sewn cast off and it's ready to wear. I'm also working on my Figgy Pudding Vesper socks on the trolley. Many admirers on the 47L. I personally can't wait to finish them just to wear them.

And I've cast on my London Calling. It's going fast so it should only be a little while.

Oh and my last color came for the Flame Hats. So I'm using Falk in black, neon orange, and burnt orange. Perfect BP colors. So once I get more done on MS3, I'm casting on. They may become my next trolley knitting project.

So I'm trying to entertain myself with our new tv to keep on knitting.


LaurieG said...

Happy B-day Dude!

Darka said...

I love the snowflake saddle hoodie! Is that your pattern?

DPUTiger said...

Everything is looking spectacular, and of course I'm curious as to the offense EC and YC committed :) Sorry I couldn't join the group at Borders tonight. It's been a long week of "stuff" every evening, so I really desperately needed a low-key evening in my jammies. Hope you had much fun without me! :)