Thursday, September 17, 2009

End of an Era

Sniff, sniff. Today we had a tried and true member of the family given it's last days. The minivan we bought when we bought our house has met it's match. We have finally reached the point of no return with car repair vs. car payment. We've had this one longer than we've had Younger Celting.

No more Pirates of the Caravan! No more green mom mobile. Instead it seems we will be following Laurie's lead and going for a Sienna. We looked at a few different minivans tonight, but the Sienna seemed far and above everything else. Good options, workable price, and comfortable. The worst drawback was that there aren't any decent colors except the red. Celtic Consort won't hear of red. He claims a jump in insurance. Instead it seems as though we will end up with a sand colored one.

The good news is that I'll finally have a brand new vehicle. While the car was new when we bought it, I didn't really get to call it mine. I don't drive it very often. The van was always mine. And this will REALLY be mine.


Rani said...

A new car is always fantastic, right??!!?? But bittersweet when we give up our trusty (rusty) mobiles.

Beware of "sand". My husband ordered his Pilot sight unseen in "beige sand" and I just about killed him when he drove it down the driveway - it was GOLD. I mean GOLD. It was like a pimp-mobile. Yup. He's still driving it.

DPUTiger said...

Yay, Toyotas! Hubster is a huge fan of his, and I'm quite happy with mine as well. We had a great experience at Day Toyota. Hope your buying experience went well too!