Wednesday, September 19, 2007


You know celebrities are chased after by paparazzi for nothing more than following their passion and working at what they love. Last night, I felt a little the same way. Elder Celting had soccer practice and as usual I brought my knitting, the Transition Gloves. As I watch practice and gossip with the other parents, I knit on them. Now at the same time as EC's practice, there is another practice with the girls' team for the same level. So imagine about a dozen and a half aspiring Mia Hamms, Julie Foudys, and Kristine Lillys, playing hard and working towards team coherence when the coach tells them to go get some water. At this point, they all come rushing towards the bleachers where I'm happily working on my project. Soon, they are all asking about them. "What are those?" "Gee those are pretty." "I can finger knit!" "I knit a little." "My Grandpap knits me scarves." And so it goes every water break. They oooh and aaah over the pattern and the project itself. Sometimes even to the point of me having to remind them to get back to their practice. Laurie has always teased me about my ability to find or attract knitters where ever I go. I always thought it just was me being a little more social and a bit lucky. Now I wonder.... are the knitterati following me?

BTW, if you're reading this and wondering why I'm posting so early in the morning, I'm home today. The van is being worked on and I needed a mental health day. So I'll be working on lesson socks and waiting for my KnitPicks package.

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LaurieG said...

You've got the powerful Knitting JuJu!! (Thought you were home when I e-mailed you at work and got no reply.)