Sunday, September 16, 2007

Little Feet

This one's for Heather. After all, when she told me that she just wanted to chuck all her knitting to one side just to work on the lesson socks from Cat Bordhi's new book, I thought she was a little nuts. But I bought the book at Knit One just due to patterns included such as Robin Hood's Fireside Boots and Charlie's Dragon Socks. I mean come on people! That just screams the Celting household. I read the book. I flipped through the pages. The little lesson socks just cried to be knit. So I rummaged around for some partial balls and I started last night. Here's the first one. It's the Sky Sock. Instead of increases/decreases placed on the sides, the increases stem from the front center of the instep. Cat has versions of sock architecture for both cuff down and toe up. Of course being a cuff down kind of girl, I was startled to see that the one I found most appealing was a toe up design. The Coriolis. I'm hoping to finish that lesson sock later tonite. I'm also hoping I can get the jist of it to see if I can figure it out for cuff down.

And in case you're wondering, I didn't chuck all my knitting. I'm waiting for the yarn to arrive and I'm working on the Transition Gloves in transit and during soccer. I'll post more pics when they are further along.

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Heather said...

OH!! You MUST bring them on Friday!! Now I might really chuck aside all my other projects...