Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wheels In The Van Go Round and Round

So how did I spend the day before Rock Day? Well with wonderful company of course! See that's my wheel hiding under the blue cover and Laurie's Kiwi going for a ride in the van. Heather was gracious enough to let us descend upon her home. I in return brought my bears to party with her bear. We all brough our wheels and proceeded to spin all afternoon. Well... we did nibble at the tasty snacks she had and we played with Julia's drum carder too.
The first batch was a yummy blend of blues and greens. I took to calling it Mermaid Lagoon. The colors remind you of an intensely bright tropical lagoon with the light just sparkling off of it. Then we did something that seemed like Sparkling Berries. Both were just absolutely beautiful and tempt me to want to get a drum carder. Well, you know, after I auction off one of the Celtings.... The good news is that I relaxed and spun somewhat decently for once. IF I just keep going, I should have some "real" yarn soon. Not quite as good as this, but hey we aren't all perfect. Oh and Julia's roving is even better in person.

Anyhow, I started on my Lenore socks and I'm working on Rogue. No pics today but I'll post them tomorrw. A little too hectic and post holiday teardown around here for decent shots.

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