Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Every Little Thing...

Ever hear that Police song? It's been applied to me many times for various reasons. It's even Celtic Consort and my song. We were out at the bar, I played it on the jukebox, we discovered we both loved that song, and the Police, and just Sting solo. Imagine my excitement when these came in the mail. Woohoo! I think I'm taking the next day off considering I'm likely to be hoarse. Now I just need to get Sting cornered to pose with a sock in progress.

Speaking of socks, I've been working on my Lenores (note the no pic, guess what that means) and Elder Celting's Faux Fairisle after the release of Rogue. As you can see, I've finished the front of the Faux Fairisle and I'm ready to work on the boring black back and sleeves. And just when I thought I'd get on with it. The baby who is the intended recipient of my Rocketry kit, fortuitously came forth into the world. On the down side, I haven't even cast on so I'm already behind. Whoops! Guess the boring black will have to wait a little.

I also got this lovely package from Julia today. Check out the cute button on my yarn. Sorry it's blurry but the camera either wouldn't focus or would wash it out. Two beautiful skeins to start working on both socks and a hat with a design idea in mind. I can't wait to.... well see above. ;) Okay just kicked over to check I had the link right and she had MORE beautiful sock yarns in new colorways. I'm yearning for Antigone and Pavement but must show control as this order was my second in two weeks. See more things to distract from the boring black. uhum

Oh and look new storage for the living room. I got that new furniture a few months back and I've been struggling with where to keep the knitting. You can ask Laurie, not very many options in my small abode. This lovely article was found on clearance at Target for just under $20 and matches the dark wood of the furniture to a T. It also holds a ton of crap. So much crap that we've regained a whole seat on the couch. :) I think it is supposed to be a magazine rack but it's perfect to fit between the end of the couch and the dog bed where Ginger rarely lays. She's usually sucking up a couch seat because CC has a soft spot for her. "She needs to be warm..." Yeah that heating vent right at her bed is making her cold.


LaurieG said...

And every time I come over the Youngest Celting is laying on the dog bed!

Becka the Spoiled Knitter said...

You are killing me as I look at all of the beautiful yarn!!!! I SO LOVE the container used!
Oh My...YOU ARE SO LUCKY! Going to see the Police, I'm way jealous! AND, if you get a pic of Sting period that will be incredible, but with a sock, ..... I have no words!