Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Nice and Not So Nice

Friday started out crappy. I had it out with my boss because I finally told him what everyone was thinking and saying just not to him. He wants to run the project I'm on but can't read any of the documentation to discover what ground he doesn't need to recover and what is still outstanding. When I try to help, I'm told "you don't need to be included in everything." Okay but don't say that I wasn't willing to be a team. I even left for lunch and was denied my favorite shortbread cookies at Panera. So thinking I need to hit the Powerball and tell everyone in my professional life off, I headed to Knit Knite to play with yarn. That always makes me feel better. I worked on Rocketry which was even more cheerful. I had yummy coffee (Honey Cinammon Latte) and a Snickerdoodle.

The best part though was this:
Heather found it for me on her trip to Ligonier. She said she had seen it, thought of me, and couldn't walk away. How's that for unexpected joy? I can't wait until it's warm enough to wear.

Janice also shared her 30% coupon and I had $15 Borders Bucks so I was able to not only get this:
but also this:
I found it while I was looking on the knitting shelves and was intrigued. I'm not normally a cotton knit kind of girl but I loved these classic styles that I could actually picture wearing and/or using. I really liked the throw and the surf hoodie.

I snapped the Rocketry shots while there was some sun still outside. I also wanted to show you my parking issue today. See this spot in the shade of the tree? It's my off street parking area at the bottom of my drive. Notice how the drive levels to the street and you can pull the car into the spot on the left and still be somewhat across the drive if you wanted. We park the Cavalier there since it has all the fancy ground effects on it, preventing us from putting it in the drive.

See this car? It belongs to Mr. Furline across the street. He parks at the absolute end of his drive and then proceeds to use the neighbor's drive to get in and out of his own. He also complains if she doesn't have her side cleared when he expects it. That just drives her nuts. I know what's this got to do with anything? Well this morning as I'm pulling out, I notice that his car is parked in our parking area. You know it's one thing to be neighborly and ask to use the spot because something's going on with his own driveway, it's another to just park there. I mean come on, in the past six and a half years we've lived here, the man has made it perfectly clear that all parking areas are at HIS discression. We've had people over for a party who parked on the street in front of his house because there was no more room anywhere else. He told them they needed to move because they weren't visiting his house and couldn't park there. Taking Laurie's advice, I went to ask what was going on when I returned this evening and the car was still there.

This was the point where the man said he parked there because we make it difficult (meaning he had to do a 5 point rather than a 3 point turn) for him to pull out of his driveway if we park across the front of ours. He paused to show me where we parked the car. It was a spot fully on the street. I know my husband. While he parks at the end of the drive, it's fully ON the drive not in the street. He referred to his relationship with the previous owner of our home as if that made a difference. Trying to be respectful of a neighbor and an older man, I let him know that I would mention it to my husband but that we didn't park on the street. I reminded him that the scenario of us parking across the end of our driveway was the same as him parking at the very end of his. At that point, I told him that if he persisted on parking on my property, I would have him towed. Oh and I let him know he had best move the car before I had to let the dog out. After all she had been couped up all day and needed to pee. :)

Darn right Scottish Girls Rock!


DPUTiger said...

Looks to me like Mr. Cranky Pants has plenty of room to park at the bottom of his drive and do his 3-point turn there!

Rocketry looks great, and I'm quite envious of both of your new books. Next Borders night is 3/21, yes?

LaurieG said...

So did he see you snapping pics? The Rocketry looks great!