Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mother of a Phenom

Have you heard? Elder Celting is a volleyball phenom. Apparently he made quite the impression with Laurie's in-laws at the graduation party this weekend. He's never played before and was holding his own. I guess I shouldn't be surprised as he introduces himself as "Iron Goalie". So why shouldn't he take that same drive and apply to a second sport. As a matter of fact, today he showed me the nice knock on the head he got playing basketball at daycare and diving for the ball.... on concrete. Yep he's that cute jock guy in high school I secretly wanted until they opened their mouths and were then just annoying.

So anyhow, since Laurie was so enamoured with her own purchases (which I remember what SHE bought!) I'm posting about my own. I've been wanting to do the Apres Surf Hoodie and found something to do it in. I knew I wanted to use a cotton/hemp/bamboo/soy yarn. I love my animal fibers but I'm trying to be Fearless and step outside the box. I ended up choosing
Sublime's Soya Cotton DK. The question was that Michelle had two colors I loved: Nettle (81) and Cucumber (89).
I lurved them both. So hard to decide. One so bright and cheery, the other so rich in color and tones I love. How to decide. Laurie said she liked them both equally. Michelle said they both looked good but Nettle really matched my eyes. That was enough for me. I bought almost all of Bloomin' Yarns supply of the Nettle.

Right now I'm secretly stashing this behind 2 boxes of stash until I finish some almost done projects. I just need to get it started before the Celtic Consort picks up on even MORE yarn entering our abode.

On the spinning front, I'm holding off on plying my Requiem until I get a Slow and Extra Slow Whorl for my Matchless. I have a tendency to overply in trying to keep momentum going with the wheel in counterclockwise direction. So I think adjusting to a larger whorl will help.

On the job front, I should be hearing back soon on the face to face. Send good ju-ju.


LaurieG said...

Yeah, that's what you got! I remember now...

DPUTiger said...

Sorry I've been so scarce lately. Weekends at the Lake are incompatible with knit night at Borders and with working at Bloomin on Saturdays. Best fishes on the job hunt! :)