Monday, June 16, 2008

This is for Carly

Carly rightly pointed out at Friday Knit Knite that I was being lax on the updating of my blog. So this is for her. :)

What's been keeping me away? LOTS. First there was Maryland, which I enjoyed thoroughly. I bought lots but not nearly as much as I could have. There was the EcoSpun Cotton for 99 cents a skein (I got a ton). And the Sari Silk for spinning. Oh and the buffalo for spinning with some bronze Angelina fibers to make it sparkly. Some already sparkly fiber to spin for a hexagon yoke sweater. I found the perfect green to do my Triinu shawl in. Not quite gray not quite green soft soft soft color. 2 skeins... $20.

I even saw this adorable happy child who I could've easily snuck home with the rest of the stash if only her family wouldn't have missed her. She looks much as I did at that age (so I'm told.) I showed some great restraint and bought those items I really had plans for. That includes the big bag to lug it all around in. I even bypassed this temptingly titled fiber for spinning.

That copper and pewter microfiber ribbon in the swag picture is from Tess and will soon be a work tank.

Speaking of work, my favorite boss resigned a few weeks back and things have gotten more dismal since. I'm told I'm "mean" and a "bully." Okay.... not exactly words that your boss is supposed to use with you. But then again, he looks like a guy who was probably picked on a lot in high school so I have to consider that. I too was pretty low on the food chain in high school but would never expect that. Anywho, being proactive, I prepped my resume and have posted. I've found a .NET programmer is pretty popular around here. Things are looking up. Think good thoughts as I have a face to face on Thursday.

In the meantime, my life was totally taken over by soccer. Yes I'm a soccer mom. Yes I'm aware of how it works. It just got more involved this season. Between travel practice two nights a week, a soccer camp on Friday, flight soccer for both boys on Saturdays, and a travel game on Sunday, I had zero free time. Soccer ended last week and I've been recovering. ;)

Recovering includes spending a sweltering day at Kennywood enjoying rides and food that is bad for you. I even made sure I got the Celtings on the merry-go-round. Elder Celting rode it for the first time when he was about 3 months old and I've been taking him ever since. For those not from the 'Burgh, Kennywood is TRADITION. (hear Tevye singing in the background?) School picnics abound and that's where we were. Why Younger Celting looks possessed I'm still not sure but I'm chalking it up to sugar.

So I've also been working on my Rivendell socks. They are almost done with just the second toe needing grafting. I found a colorway at Tess's booth in Maryland that just screamed elvish Lord of the Ring sock. After that, I'm working on writing out the Indecisive Socks. I have an idea for it but I'm waiting to share. Oh and I'm also totally distracted by a yummy yarn package received from Miss Julia. Since she doesn't have to ship to me, I received my Vesper Sock Club package a little early. Per her request, I'm not posting pictures yet. I'm totally loving the colors though and I'm amazed at how much work the girl puts into this stuff. She even coordinated the packaging to the yarn! You go, girl!

Alright, so I'll try to get back to at least once a week around here. If only for Carly's sake. :)


DPUTiger said...

I miss you guys! Summer is tough for me since I spend most weekends at the Lake. I'm not even sure what my summer schedule will be at Bloomin' Must go talk to Michelle about that this week.

Glad to see you posting and I hope you're doing well! :)

Teen Knit Rock said...

you posted for me!! i need to catch up on these! thanks <3 :)