Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Where oh where has my order gone?

Okay so when the winter issue of Interweave came out with the Spectrum Scarf & Tam, I HAD to do it! I mean look at it. It's gorgeous! I went out looking for the necessary colors of Kidsilk Haze and came up with four of them at Bloomin Yarns.

Now at the same time, I had been tempted by Julia's Fiddlehead Mittens. And what do you know, while looking for appropriate colors and yarns for my own pair I happened upon this site. One of the top links when I googled. Seemed very friendly and helpful in addition to having some reasonable prices.

I ordered several colors of Rowan Pure Wool for Fiddlehead in addition to my missing Kidsilk Haze. I also ordered some Kidsilk Haze for my Fiddlehead lining. I placed this order, dear blog, on January 1, 2009. January 8, I received an email confirming that the first half of my order shipped. YAY! It arrived on the 10th and I found 4 of 6 of the Pure Wool and 1 of my Kidsilk Haze colors. I did see, however, where I was charged for a Kidsilk Haze which was not included but received a quick response when I contacted the store that it would be credited on the second half of the order.

Now insert into this limbo, the fact that my credit card had to be closed due to fraudulent charges. As soon as I got things reported to the bank, I again , dear blog, contacted the yarn shop and gave them an updated number to use. I also made sure they had my phone number in case there were any issues arising from said situation.

Why is any of this relevant? Well, look, dear blog, at the date of this post. I have YET to receive the rest of my order. I was reassured as recently as February 5th, that "The backorder should ship within the next few days. I will email to confirm." I gave it a week and a half. I still have not heard anything. I'm pissed! I have not only been waiting for half of my order but I've already paid for a skein of it!!!! I can understand when things are back ordered. I can understand when things slip through. BUT CAN'T THESE PEOPLE NOT HAVE TO BE PROMPTED FOR A RESPONSE ON MY FRIGGIN' ORDER???????

Glad these projects were just for me. I'm also glad that I have more than enough knitting to fill the gap. Please note, however, I will never EVER order from there again.

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Heather said...

um, yeah, that is a good bit beyond bad service.