Sunday, March 18, 2007

Indecisive Socks

After Heather reminded me I had a camera in my phone, I decided to see how well the pics would look. You see, that's why I had been holding out on the blog because a blog with no pics is like a life without chocolate. Still doable, but not nearly as yummy. Especially when you're talking about all your knitting and cute children besides.

Anyhow, dear reader, I've found that the pics are not horrendous so here I am.

So what about that title, huh? Well, it's about these socks. I'm thinking they are Marty the Zebra socks.

Am I green with blue stripes?

Am I blue with green stripes?

I purposefully choose to use something that you could reverse. It's like two pairs in one. I was inspired by the bad habit of the Celtings to not mention to Mom that they can't find any clean socks and so wear dirty ones a second time. Not thrilling with Mom but gives me ideas at least. So out came came some articles on bicolor brioche stitch and short row toes and heels.
To those of you who are in awe, don't be. Bicolor brioche is much easier in the round than flat. After all you're only knitting with one color at a time. It's similar to a slip stitch pattern. Hopefully next time, we'll have the heel.


Heather said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! Now, you will be expected to make timely posts... just one more thing to take you away from knitting!!
The socks are looking great, btw.

LaurieG said...

Love the socks -- you have to tell us all how to make them. And another welcome to the blogosphere.

Jane said...

Not another one! I do love the socks! I think you should say something about your wonderful Aunt Jane!