Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Spin Me Right Round

Okay so look what came for me today! It's called Meadow Grasses and it's even prettier in person. It's a hand dyed superwash I found on etsy. This is going to go to a very lucky baby. I can't wait to start spinning.

Speaking of spinning, look what I plied up last night! I got the fiber at MDSW. It's so yummy! It's blue face leicster. I loved spinning it. I did the multi color over Labor Day. The gold strand was part Saturday and part Sunday. I think it might be a little underplied, but I like it. So now I'm thinking that I should use it to make a scarf for myself.

I'm also working on my Celtic Tote. I have the back done and I'm doing the front. So now I'm just thinking about my plan for the side pockets. :)


LaurieG said...

MMMM, nice! I want to see that skein. Your spinning looks really great!

DPUTiger said...

Nifty! still haven't figured out when the crap I'll be able to make it to Friday knit night. Someday ... :)