Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Younger Celting

So 8 years ago during an ice storm, I was in the hospital being induced. Later that night and early in the morning, Younger Celting made his reluctant entry into the world. I'm a day early with the post but I had to share the class birthday prep.
The theme this year is Pokemon. I dread this stuff. However, what he wants he gets. So as many things as I mess up as a mom. As many times as I'm not the uber mom, I do some things to shine. (I hope). When he asked for Pokemon cupcakes, I went to it.

First it's mixing of icing to get some red and some white. I then started here with white half of cupcakes.

Then a nice twist of red icing to be half and half.

And finally a fine line of black and voila! Pokeball cupcakes! A full two dozen to be exact.

Gosh I must love this kid. :) BTW, thanks to Elder Celting for the early photos.


Rani said...

You are a good mommy.

PS. I Cast on the Battle Helmet. OH my, I can't wait to finish. Tee hee hee - thanks!

DPUTiger said...

I'm certain you're a good mom, because you have two great boys. Those cupcakes are going to be a big hit! Happy birthday, YC!