Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Holiday Deals

So when we pulled the Christmas tree out this year, I found the top broken. I was able to jam it in enough to make it through the holiday season but the top of the tree was a bit sparse on decoration to not worry. So the tree we've had since Elder Celting was a toddler is about to make it's departure. Apparently, this is the year of the departure.

I decided to shop after the holiday so as not to pay several hundred dollars for a tree we use once a year. And this evening, I stopped out with the Celtings to find the replacement. I was hoping for prelit with multicolor. I was also hoping for LED. No luck on the LED but I DID find the prelit multicolor for 80% off! YAY! Celtic Consort needs to stop out tomorrow to pick it up.

I decided that I would wait until the holiday stuff was put away before trying to take pictures and document the stash. My broken tree blocks most of the light from the front window so it's not very conducive to good pics. So I should have nice pictures later this week. I'm also trying to use some stash for things.

Having said that, I also just signed up for Rockin Sock Club. This will be my fourth year. I've participated in every year except the very first. That was only because I didn't know about it until after signups closed that year. I'm also renewing my Vesper Sock Club. How could I not? Have you seen Julia's stuff???? It's like telling a kid in a candy store that they can't have anything. Yeah RIGHT!

Talk to you later this week and hopefully see some of you for Wuletide!


DPUTiger said...

My STASH KAL on Ravelry is resetting on Jan. 15. It's been really good for me! I also signed up for RSC (year 3 for me) and am going to continue with my Zen Yarn Garden. Just saw another club that intrigues me, but then I have to stop and remind myself that I'm low on funds, so I really should just stop!

I'll be there Friday, but I work at the store until 5 and have my personal trainer at 5:30, so it may be 8 before I can make it to Borders. I will show up at some point, though! Promise!

Rani said...

Grrrr! I'm so jealous! I am still on a major yarn diet - so once again, I'll watch the sock club from afar...