Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Elder Celting!

We join our program already in progress...

Whew! I just finished baking, frosting, sprinkling, and packing 4 dozen (yes 48!) cupcakes to celebrate EC's 10th birthday. There's 2 dozen yellow and 2 dozen chocolate. This is to accommodate both his regular class and his extra help class plus teachers. We should get back about 6 but I'm not holding my breath.

EC turned 10 yesterday and I was so wrapped up in the celebration Saturday that I totally forgot to do the cupcakes for today. So I had to do them tonight. He seemed pretty good about it.

So Saturday, we had the whole clan over to celebrate the double digits. Here's the cake (minus EC's name) and as you can see, we went Tony Hawk this year. The whole day, Elder Celting was trying to niggle out of me what exactly it was that we got him. I kept saying "Socks and underwear." Imagine his surprise when opening a large box to find.... socks. The second box he was trying to keep up a brave face and instead of underwear he got this:

Yep we finally got him the Nintendo DS he's been wanting. This will make my trips to Bloomin' Yarns that much easier as each boy will have a handheld to entertain themselves with while I puruse to my heart's content. I think my mom hit it big as well with these:

Laurie had noted that it seemed as though the whole family had matched their wrapping.
It was pretty wild. All in all, EC received many wonderful gifts especially games and a carrying case for his DS. I think I may have to start playing the game Laurie got him: BrainAge. Helps hone your mental skills. I need that.

So before I get to the knitting, I wanted to comment on my tree. While Laurie and Heather are watching daffodils and the lovely yellow in the yard, I watch my magnolia tree. Every year, it blooms and I hope to get a good picture. I usually end up with it starting to bloom so all the flowers are still buds just starting to poke out and a cold snap hits. This kills the blossoms and turns them all brown and I have crap all over the yard and drive.

As you can see the tree is in full bloom which is wonderful as the tree is huge. I often call it the Charlie Brown tree as it looks like it's going to eat the house. So when I step out my door in the morning it looks like this:
And this is what I see out the front window:

Quite refreshing and a great way to see that spring has sprung.

So on to the knitting. Saturday while the family was over, I was doing a little work on the Toddler Tulip. As it was sitting out, my SIL who had always seemed resistant to the knitterly gifts was admiring it. My MIL asked what it was and I said it was a cardi for my niece (SIL's daughter). At which point the SIL was thrilled. She said she had been admiring the colors and was hoping that it was for her. So maybe she's coming around.

And in all my running about Saturday, I DID manage to pick up my November Muse. So here's where I took the last picture on Sunday.I've since used the last color (Cloud Jungle) and I'm going to do the sleeves before the border. I'm going to see what I have left of November Muse to debate doing the attached Icord in that with the border in Chinatown Apple. We'll see. Hopefully, I'll have it done or almost done by Friday Knit Knite.

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LaurieG said...

Dude, where's my cupcake? That Tulip looks very yummy, tho!