Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Potpourri Anyone?

So Tulip is pretty close to being done. I have to do the front borders and the I-Cord and it's almost done. All my shots tonight looked crappy so sorry no pics. Lenores are also clocking along now that soccer season is in full swing. I'm on the heel flap and will soon be turning.

I'd probably be done with Tulip but I've been dealing with my tree. I managed to get a shot this weekend before the rain of it in full bloom. Kathy, the neighbor across the street, wondered why I was taking pictures of a tree. Try explaining a blog to someone who doesn't own a computer.

So once the rain and wind came through, this is what I had even after an initial sweep on Saturday.
The drive. The flowerbed.
The walkway.
And the yard with Ginger for perspective. For new people, Ginger is an 85lb half Lab, half Rhodesian Ridgeback. I had to sweep today because I couldn't get the van up the drive the petals were so slippery. I ended up with two (yes two!) lawn bags of petals.... just from the drive. I'm not sure I want to tackle anything else. It's almost as bad as the fall when all the leaves fall.


DPUTiger said...

My "SuperNeighbor" across the street has the same tree with the same problem. He's been taking 2 or 3 trash cans of petals down my driveway to dump over my hill each day. It's pretty when it's in full bloom, though! :)

LaurieG said...

That's alot of petals!