Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ravelry Favorites

So I've been reading Laurie's posts about lurking on Ravelry. Apparently she's been having issues looking for recognizable favorites in the random assortment. Being an outsider myself, I thought I would try it out today. Here's what I saw when I hit the see more favorites link on the people page.

How about that? First group of people includes Miss Julia! Following Laurie's logic, that must mean I'm part of the "in-crowd." Isn't that a laugh? I just found it so startling, I had to post.

In my own knitting news, I'm on hold with my Tulip body until I get some November Muse. So I'm working on the sleeves to keep progress as far moving as possible. I'm also working the gusset on the Lenores. Basically they're my travel project which will be the big thing since soccer season has started. First flight is Saturday. This means logistic moves to make Bloomin' Yarns anniversary sale and meeting the woman from Farmhouse while still getting the boys to soccer. Wish me luck!


Teen Knit Rock said...

You can do it!! I'll be there Saturday at some point- same with Sunday! :) See you there-

DPUTiger said...

Don't forget the Cake! We'll have Cake! Excited to see you Saturday. Yay! :)