Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Return of the Iron Goalie

I finally have some time to sit and write! YAY! This weekend was the start of soccer season. I managed to fit in knitting and soccer to make one long day. Friday night was, of course, Knit Knite. A smaller turn out but we had a nice time, none the less. I even got to work on both my toddler Tulip and my own Tulip. I even made enough progress on both this past weekend to be on hold until I pick up a skein for one or the other. That means I'm working on my Lenores. I have one done and I'm starting the leg of the second.

So Saturday, I had flights which is the skill building portion of soccer. See here Elder Celting using some fancy footwork to get the job done. That was at 8:30 am (groan). We went straight from there to Bethel Bakery to order his birthday cake. He'll be 10 on Sunday. From there I managed to make it out to Bloomin Yarns to meet Carol Martin. I admired her wheel and despite trying not to buy anything before MD, I picked up some sock yarn in a beautiful colorway called Berries and Carmel. I found a version with lots of rich color. I was also tempted by the Indian Corn colorway with some of the worsted but couldn't justify the strain on the budget. I'll have to order in later. I like Laurie's idea with the sweater and I see she picked that color. Carol Martin complemented me on how well behaved and interesting the Celtings were. They spent their entire time there talking to her about her sheep and soccer. (whew!)

After our visit there, we headed off to lunch and to Younger Celtings soccer. At his level there are a TON of teams and kids. You basically have to find your field by the color shirts they wear. Makes me wish we were on this team:

As it is, we're team USA which is this lovely soft yellow which blends with all the other light colors picking up dirt and hard to distinguish. Younger Celting was the only boy on the team in the fall but is now one of two.

Then Sunday came and the legend returned. Elder Celting: Iron Goalie. That's his name for himself. He walks up to the coach and just introduces himself as "Iron Goalie." Since the fall team split and our goalie went to the second team, Elder Celting has another chance to be goalie this season. He seems to be into it and is doing pretty well. The game ended in a tie and most of the parents agreed that it was a nail biter the whole time. EC has no problem diving onto the ball and getting into the thick of things. I'm thinking we need to invest in a mouthguard.


LaurieG said...

And a cup! It looks like YC could use some knee pads - his knees look kinda banged up there. Those girls are brutal!

DPUTiger said...

Michelle is now carrying Andy's Classic Merino and Indian Corn is one of the colors she's going to carry, so it'll be there when you're ready to jump in. Great to see you last Saturday in the middle of all your busy stuff! :)