Thursday, August 14, 2008

Look I found my pictures!

So in downloading my pics, I found this one I snapped at the PPG Aquarium. I love these guys everytime I see them.
And here were the most dangerous and scary animals I saw at the zoo that day.
However, being a softee, I let them back out into the wild where they were spotted this past weekend searching for large felted mittens.

I even caught the behind the scenes of this shot with my own kind of blurry shot. :)
But on to the knitting! I've got pictures of Indecisive Socks Redux. I wanted to post something that really showed the colors glowing, so I waited until I could get a shot from the backyard. I also got a shot of my Apres Surf in progress. I'm liking the yarn enough that I might even do a simple twinset with it. We'll see.

I've also opted to do a Celtic Tote for my new commute on the trolley. I'm hoping to talk to Heather to see what I should do to line it. I'm going to do a bright cheery color to chase away the gray winter. But the tote will have to wait until I finish off Rainbow Bright and Tulip. Well... Tulip will be receiving the collar trim/ties as soon as I post this. So I guess that must means Rainbow Bright.

I also ordered my larger whorls so that I can ply up my stuff from Julia and then look for something for another baby gift. If the ply goes well with Julia's stuff, I want to do some handspin for another Babies and Bears.

Oh and I see that Heather swiped my idea for July's Vesper Sock Club yarn to do Monkeys. But at least I can see that it is working out well. Kind of like test knitting without having to frog if I don't like it. :)

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anything that I can do to be helpfull...:)