Monday, June 11, 2007

Beautiful Weekend

So what does the Celting Clan do with a nice weekend? Well to start with we picked up Elder Celting's friend on Saturday morning and jaunted off to the theater. We met up with Laurie and her OS to see Shrek the Third. She had just come from seeing Heather who declined to come as it would seem poor form for a mom to tell her kids she had ditched them and proceeded to see such a film without them. I was making sure to utilize the official Knit in Public day to work on my Sock in Sock which I had left off as this on Friday nite. Laurie seemed to think I had picked it up rather quick and I agreed. (Remember this later.)

We came home to a nice trek on our favorite trail in South Park with the Celting Consort. Such a spirit provoked both Celtings to do this:

And this:

Indoor camping at it's finest. I'm thinking later in the summer we'll have to do backyard camping.

Now remember when Laurie and I agreed on my knack for the Sock in Sock? We spoke too soon. Saturday nite, I was distracted by some good Futurama episodes and made a few crosses. After attempting to drop down some stitches and fix them, then proceeding to try and tink back after that didn't work. I said (insert favorit explitive here) and pulled them off the needles and frogged it. I quickly found that if I had gone down 2 more rows, I would've righted myself and not had an issue. As it was I spent all day yesterday attempting to get it going again after such a quick success the first time. Once I got the ball rolling, I was fine. I've been super diligent about checking for crosses since. See how pretty? I'm loving the way this is knitting up. The colors are so ME! I'm loving the summery vibe of it. I keep thinking of those utopian summer ideals of watermelons and sunshine and lush lawns. One of the girls at work said it reminded her of a vibrant field of poppies on a clear day. If this is what I'm thinking now, imagine what it will be like when I get to the toe. I can't express how bad the phone cam is not capturing these beautiful colors. I'm going to have to see if I can't get a real digital camera pic to show you how absolutely beautiful they are.

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Heather said...

Wow. That colorway is fabulous!! Just like you. :)