Sunday, June 3, 2007

Get by with a little help...

So I've finally snapped out of my funk. Why? Well this beauty is why. :) Yes, Miss Julia said thanks for the Maryland Swag by filling an order for some hard to get Vesper Sock Yarn. But even better is the colorway. It's an original named after yours truly. And she hit the nail on the head. This pics just do not do justice to the beautiful varied greens and flamy orange/reds. I've got to finish off my first STR Silkie Grasshopper sock before I can start my Sock In Sock. Talk about encouragement. I think it was the blue moon or maybe the Blood Moon we saw leaving Knit Knite at B&N. Speaking of which, Carly brought her friend Emily again. Yes she's converted another one. Emily's great and I don't think there's a musical she doesn't know. We're going to have to get both of these ladies addicted to socks shortly.

After my socks, I've got to do a baby sweater for one of my Sys Admins at work. He and his new wife are expecting their first at the beginning of August. It's going to be in that lovely stuff I bought from Tess in Maryland. As usual, I'll do a Babies & Bears maybe switching up the collar but I'll have to see. As the kindly elderly woman in Maryland said "It's not those CRAP baby colors." :) I'm hoping to get my blog act together this week since soccer is over and baseball is winding down. I know I only posted TWICE during May. The plan is to start plying my stuff on the spinning front and share my joy. :)

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Teen Knit Rock said...

That is true, she probably does know all of the musicals ever, but why such an ugly picture of me!? I look depressed! I'm not depressed, I'm a happy person :) see! :) I love that yarn- sooo pretty, I really want some of it!