Friday, June 22, 2007


Here's my latest question: Do I cave to the MIL's desire to have a picture of all 4 grandchildren or do I take a stand? My MIL continually ignores my two boys while lavishing attention on my nephew and niece. And I'm not just thinking this, my husband sees it too. She recently expressed the desire for the picture to her husband who then shared with my husband. My thought is that if she really wanted to see the boys, she would make it to at least a WHOLE soccer game or A baseball game in a season. She would take the 15 minutes to drive from her house to mine to spend an occassional afternoon with them. Heck, she might even call me to bring them to her house. Keep in mind here, that my SIL and her two children actually live further from her than we do and my MIL is frequently doing things with them. I'm also a little overdone with my SIL dictating how the pictures will go. She even did it when I had the majority of the children. I would like a say here as to where we go, when we go, and even what the pics should look like. So do I take a stand here and say, I'm not doing it until someone meets us halfway here? Do I remind my mother in law that she hasn't actually seen my kids since April when she came earlier in the week for Elder Celting's birthday because she wasn't coming to his party?

Okay rant over. Back to knitting:
Here are some pics of my turned heels. Was actually pretty easy to do. I was expecting difficulty but Laurie confirmed my suspicions on how it was accomplished which is similar to cabling without a needle. While I'm working on the gusset and foot, I'll decide what type of toe I'm going to do. Laurie did a star toe for hers but she has long pointy toes. I've got flat wide feet and tend to do my toes wider. I'll let you know what I decide. BTW, LOVE the stitchholders Mary Pat sent. They are fabulous for not dropping the stitches on these things. Next up, Babies & Bears sweater for the guy at work.


Heather said...

I think it is ok to maybe do a picture as an xmas gift and since you are sooooo busy, let your SIL know where to meet you guys for the pic... suggest she put the sweaters you made for the kids on them *wicked grin* and you bring yours, too. You just tell her what works for you. No other explanation necessary. You can be right and your MIL can have a house full of pictures of the OTHER grandkids or you can let your kids feel like they matter, at least a bit, to their paternal grandparents. (take the high road CQ, the view is better)

Nancie said...

Make her work for it. Have her pick up the boys and you go get a pedicure. Make her purchase outfits and don't pay anything for the pic. You don't really want a copy of it, do you? I have lots of experience in this.