Saturday, June 30, 2007


The Celtic Consort has always expressed an interest in being one of "Them" or "Others". He also thought if he lived in the comic book universe he'd be a super villan. A proud moment for him was teaching Younger Celting his evil laugh. Kind of funny considering I'd always thought I'd be a misunderstood superhero. Karma is funny like that. So what's this got to do with anything? Well I went to knitting last nite and saw these: Hard to read I know but they're instruction manuals on how to be a super villan, better living for the super villan, the new superhero's handbook, how to survive a robot uprising, and how to be a pirate. But here's the funny thing. Look at what the sign above this display says:

Yes that's right it says IMPROVE YOURSELF. I found this hilarious. I mean who in management or marketing thought this was appropriate.

Anyhow, back to knitting. We MIGHT be relocating based on some reactions last nite. We are no longer posted on their calendar and we have to "make room" for some big event involving ghost hunters. While gently put to us, the attitude towards are group has really dropped off since we started two years ago. So two options are being investigated. Borders right across from South Hills Village seems to be okay and when called last evening we were told of a manager who also knits and spins. YAY! We've also discussed approaching Jo Beth on the Southside. This was kind of nice as it presented the opportunity of liquor and late night being added. I'll let you guys know.

Sock in Sock is moving along but has been delayed due to the deployment of the applications I develop at work. Think along the lines of giving everyone in my office the equivalent of a specialized Microsoft Office that I helped to design and develop. Neither small or easy. So knitting time was sucked up there. On the issue of the toe, I think I'm going traditional as I love the socks way to much to risk a toe I might not like. BTW, I saw the socks that Julia made out of her recent spinning efforts. One word: gorgeous. Okay two words: freakin' jealous. This girl always amazes me that she can do so many beautiful things. Makes me wish I had more time.

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Teen Knit Rock said...

Honestly, I LOVE BORDERS! But the liquer while knitting, might get my mother to come more often. :) Keep me posted on where it is this Friday! Thanks!