Saturday, March 24, 2007

Are your balls big enough?

Well last night was Knitting night. We all got together at the B&N at South Hills Village and did our usual sharing. It was like old home week as members who had been missing for several get togethers had a chance to stop in. Steven brought the Marley and I got to crank. See this? This is your yarn... this is your yarn on crank. The plan is for approximately 200 skeins of this brightly colored yarn to be cranked on one of those little machines to make icord. The icord will then be knit into a very large clown scarf. As you can see, the colors lend themselves well to the process. I took a turn and received one of those little badges you see in the corner.
What? Your asking about those socks I'm working on? Well nothing exciting picture-wise so I didn't want to waste your bandwidth. The good news is I'm close to finishing the first one and will spend the rest of the weekend trying to make significant progress on the second. In the middle of all this I'm making some Beckham Beanies for the Represent tour. Harlot is here on FRIDAY!!! Must get cracking. If you're going to be there Friday night, look for me. I'll be the crazy redhead who will talk to anyone.