Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ever run out of projects?

About a month back, I was at the In-Laws for dinner to celebrate DH's birthday. As we sat chatting, my MIL asked about the project I was working on. It was a pair of socks for one of the boys. This then led to asking about my various knitting projects. My FIL was wearing the gansey I did for him for the holidays. I was wearing some Socks That Rock socks in a color whose name I can't remember. This prompted her to ask "So do you ever run out of projects?"

I couldn't help but to laugh. Run out of projects? Is there such a thing? If anything, I have a backlog of items I need/want to make. I have bins and hope chests full of yarn and knitting implements. So what dear Reader, prompted me to post about this? Well, I was reading about people in the Rockin Sock Club who still had kits from last year. I couldn't understand this. Why join a club if you're not going to work on the items? Then there was the person who posted she was afraid to knit the first kit. She stated she knew she had the skills but just couldn't do it. Afraid? Knit? What???

It hit me then, the first time I bought some Socks That Rock yarn. I was at MD Sheep & Wool and saw a beautiful sock. I bought some skeins because the colors were beautiful and I like how they pooled in the sample. I also bought a second colorway because I just couldn't decide. It was one of those "one of everything" moments. So the first set of colorways were knit into my favorite socks. Tigers Eye and a copper color. I was tempted to buy Rocky Horror which didn't have the white and just for the name but thought this would work together.

What happened to the other color? Weeelllll, it's still wound and waiting for me to make into something loved. The color is called Jewel of the Nile and was GORGEOUS in the skein. The ball doesn't do it justice. So now I'm thinking some new socks or handwarmers are in order. My goal here is to get some more yarn out before I hit MD again. Because you know, I'm coming home with loot.

Oh and in response to Laurie's comment yesterday, the dancing and bonfire happen for Beltane

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