Monday, March 19, 2007

Well Loved

Today was a day I was reminded why I love to knit for my boys. Yet again, as soon as it came out of the wash, Younger Celting pulled out his camo sweater. I made one for each boy (green for younger, blue for older) and trimmed them with that hunter safety orange. I even added extra long cuffs with thumbholes. Why? Well who doesn't want to keep their hands warm while still keeping their hands handy.

So when I went to pick him up at daycare, once again he was extolling the virtures of his handknit items. "Your mom should make you a sweater with thumbholes. See I can pull it up or stick out my thumb so I can color." It has not occurred to my younger child that not everyone knits. After all, Mom knits, Aunt Laurie knits, Mrs. HeyDude knits, the rest of Mom's friends knit, and Yarn "Carlot" (we don't know what Harlot is yet) knits.

This same sort of conversation was sparked after receiving these Spidey mittens from Aunt Laurie. Younger Celting attracted many admirers of mittens to whom he sincerely advised they tell their mommies to knit them some. I needed to hide for a few days after that.

These are the days when I remember that knitting for my children is giving them a hug as they go out into the wider world.


Heather said...

Love love love the spidey mittens. And you know, I think I might just talk to the Mister about changing our surname... Mrs. HeyDude... it has a ring...

Rani said...

Oh, my gosh! I laughed so hard at the idea of putting thumb-holes in the cuffs of your boys' sweaters! Our boys have favorite sweatshirts that are so tattered and full of holes that they love to stick their thumbs through the ratty holes in the cuffs. Why not put them in to begin with! BRILLIANT! KNIT ON!

Juliet said...

excellent - you just sit there and glow with pride that your boys are so proud of you. Besides, it is important to set standards before you encounter mummies with ideas contrary to yours and you are buried under a barrage of their kids brought up half feral and on e-numbers etc - go knitting mommies yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! The knitting is fabulous and rightfully something to show off.

Maybe the weluvknitting bloggers should have a knitting ring?