Wednesday, March 28, 2007

We Wish To Welcome You To Munchkinland

See this hat? It's called Cutie Patutti. I call it fugly. This was the firststhing I thought of when I saw Annie Modesitt's baby onesie in the new Vogue Knitting. Laurie also commented about the onesie. If you were planning on being mean to a baby, these are how you'd do it. It's Laurie's opinion that I make this for my SIL whom I can't stand next time she has a baby. I don't like her, but geez it's not the kid's fault. I'm not that mean... to kids.... that aren't mine..... I mean look at that thing over there. I'm thinking either cabbage or Munchkin when I look at it. (Come on, you know you can here them singing "We represent the Lollipop Kid... the Lollipop Kid... the Lollipop Kid.")

On to brighter news on the knitting front, I wove in the ends on the Beckham beanie and will be casting on this evening for the second one. I've got to dig out the hunter orange and camo yarns. But take a look at the socks. Almost done, yet look closely. Notice Dear Reader, that while I used the same number of stitches in blue as in green, I have much more green than blue left to go. Good thing I thought ahead on this. I'm prepared with more blue but just poopy that I have to call it out.

Oh and I got a bonus from work! Yay me! Didn't get the title to reflect the role I already play, but some monetary gain will distract me almost as much as something shiny. Anywho, I'm going to use a portion to buy a spinning wheel. See Heather, I played honestly. :) So now the question is do I just order the Schacht Matchless or do I hold out until MD to test drive some more and hope for show deals. Hmmmmm

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Rani said...

tee hee hee. It's terrible. I just saw that bonnet somewhere . . . in a bad dream maybe. Anyway, you may like this funny little site.