Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Birthday Post

Well Dear Reader, it's that time of year again. Birthday Season. It has officially kicked off today with my aunt Jane's birthday. She's 32 with some experience. :) Jane too loves my grandmother's apricot pie so it's appropriate that I posted it yesterday. Sorry that it wouldn't survive the mail Jane.

Next comes Elder Celting's bday. As I mentioned yesterday, I waited to have him until after the potato salad. He has now come to associate potato salad with his birthday in the same manner as I have done with apricot pie and Easter. Smart kid. This year we will be bowling with kids from school at the local cosmic bowl. This means time away from the new wheel on the first real weekend I'll have it. (UPS has it on time for Monday. Curses!)

I also went birthday shopping today for someone else. I found some things that I thought would be useful in her next projects. She's so hard to buy for because I see so many things that I know she would enjoy that it's hard to pick just a couple. Hopefully, I picked correctly today. If not, well I could bribe her with yarn.

To keep myself busy, I'm working on some socks. See how pretty? (sorry it's blurry the other photo didn't capture the colors well) It's Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Sport in Flames. So not what I usually pick of the shelf but that's why I bought it (with a little push from Laurie.) I'm so glad she shoved me. I kept thinking about it while I made the Indecisive Socks. The siren call of the bright colors. So I cast on at Harlot's speech on Friday. As you can see, one sock is done, and I'm on the leg of the second. Nothing fancy. Just let the colors sing their siren song.

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Rani said...

So will this be your first spinning wheel? A new level of 'yarning'? Or is this old school for you?

Spinning wheel to me is like a Knitting-Jedi Master level - far off for me, but intriguing.