Sunday, April 1, 2007

No Will Power

So where have I been? Well I was prepping for visit to see the Yarn Harlot. While I was prepping it seems that people I talk to happened into her both Julia and Steven. I'm a little jealous. However, my socks, wine and chocolate were warmly received and Laurie's Knit in Public Gloves were a hit. She took our picture with the Sock but we didn't make the site. I'm a little bummed. Thought for sure we'd be mentioned but no luck. She did mention bad pictures so I'll just assume that we're in the bunch. The visit was entertaining and it was great to talk to all the knitters who were there. I was surprised how many out of the crowd I had said hello to or knew or had seen. It was also fun to be able to hang out with Laurie and Heather afterwards. I never get girl nite.

So I broke down yesterday and bought my wheel. They say it will go out on Monday via UPS. So I'm sure I'll have it for the weekend. YAY! I went to Woodland Woolworks and called to order. They had the best overall deal. I had found the wheel at The Woolery for about $6 less but Woodland adds in value packs which gave me a lot more. With my value pack, I ended up with about $75 of extra stuff. I picked a set of half size combs, a spinner's control card, and a pretty diz. See? You can't say you're surprised by the style people. I mean LOOK at my super hero name over there. If that didn't give you a clue then perhaps you need another cup of coffee. I also order some Colonial Heather Top in a soft purple and some in Teal. I had liked the colors even before I talked to Laurie who pointed out the color blending would help show twist and angle. I didn't get a bunch because I'm planning on buying fiber in MD. In the meantime I'm sitting tight here waiting for the wheel.

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Julia said...

So nice to see you the other night! Congrats on the wheel, holler at me if you need any pointers, though I'm positve you'll be just fine! We need to corrupt more people to spin, then we can have a spin in!