Tuesday, April 10, 2007

You Spin Me

I spent the day playing with this. I wasn't originally going to do that but this morning I awoke with a splitting headache and knots all over. I promptly got the boys off to daycare, took some pain killers, and crawled back into bed. With the wonders of sleep and drugs, I managed to get up feeling like a normal person. Why waste an afternoon? I pulled out the wheel and started to work on expanding my skills.
This was what I ended up with after I got it going. I always hate to stop because it's harder to get back into the rhythm again but I suppose spinning for eternity just isn't going to work. I know the shot's a bit blurry but if you look, the stuff towards the ends is a little overspun but then I got the hang of it and had a decent spin with the stuff you see in the middle. I found the process to be helpful for my aches and pains. I wonder if this counts toward my calorie burning activities?

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LaurieG said...

The Revolution starts NOW! And it so counts for the calorie burning. You're pedalling, you're swinging your arms around. Don't worry too much about the overspin, ply up your yarn and thwack it around when you finish it. That will distribute the twist and help balance it. (The boys always think I've gone nuts when I do this.)