Friday, April 27, 2007

Let Me Get Out the Soapbox

Today's post was going to be about how I finished my shawl and how pretty it was. This was until I came home to find the Celtic Consort seething and was asked to talk to Elder Celting about what he said in school. So I asked. I was promptly told the story of how two girls in his class had been startled yesterday and jumped together hugging. Elder Celting rather matter of factly that "Lesbians hug each other." He knows this because we have several friends who are gay or lesbian. We teach both Celtings to accept people for who they are and respect the fact that they pick the things which are right for them and may not be something you like. This means that both boys understand that to be a lesbian is to be a girl who loves another girl. So imagine my surprise to hear him tell me that using the word lesbian is bad.

The story gets worse. I talk to Celtic Consort about how this fell out with school. The principal said that this was not like calling someone four-eyes because this is a choice these people make. This is a lifestyle that people choose to live. Ummmm, okay, so does that mean if I call this woman a witch that I'll have to write an apology? After all, it was my choice to be wiccan. Celtic Consort pointed out to the principal that Elder Celting's godmother is a lesbian. This woman would not be swayed away from the idea that my child must be assimilated to the conformity of what seems to be passing as "acceptable" school behavior. What happened to love thy neighbor? It's not love they neighbor if they happen to be like you. Monday out comes the can of "Whoop-Ass" for the principal. I'm not backing down on this one because part of the reason that kids get upset when called gay or lesbian is due to the reactions of people like her.


LaurieG said...

Oh, I wouldn't even negotiate. Get on the phone to the media. The local news shows will have a field day with this one. Even if you don't, the dialog should be with the superintendant, not with the principal. And demand that the principal both A) Write a letter of apology to you and B) Apologize to your son in your presence.

Zeeppo said...

I am going to home school the little clownlettes