Monday, April 30, 2007

Rainy Weekend

So what did the Celtic Clan do this weekend? Well we spent most of our Saturday running around in the rain. Early on we ran to soccer. Never let it be said that Elder Celting doesn't take his soccer seriously. This was his shirt afterwards. He was also playing "Iron Goalie" and stopped two goals back to back so just imagine the front. It was so rainy I couldn't get any knitting done at the game. I was too busy holding the umbrella and making sure Younger Celting was staying dry enough. I took the same mudcovered child home after for a quick shower, blowdry and uniform change to go to baseball pics.
From there we rushed off to McD's to grab some food before heading directly to the baseball game.... in the rain. But while we were in the drive thru I saw these lovely flowers and snapped a shot for Heather. The colors were beautiful and made me think of sunny days and my favorite new socks.
All day I was seeing colors I would love to include as part of a colorway in some handdyed yarn. I tried to get a shot of Younger Celting's eye with all these beautiful greens and hazels but none did it justice. So where's the knitting? Here. I made it out into the sunshine and got a shot of the finished product. I can't wait to wear it in MD, I just hope it's sunny. If you're there and you see me say hello. Should I be too distracted by yarn or fiber, funnel cake should help grab my attention. :)
So here's the funny thing about the latest project. I had remembered a mesh market bag pattern from my knitting calendar two years ago and had some hemp to start it with. I started working the pattern and realized that it was the same stitch I'd been using on the shawl. At least I'm in the rhythm right?
BTW, spoke to the principal today and I'm still mulling over Laurie's idea for an email campaign. At this point it's a he said she said game of EXACTLY what was said ("Lesbians hug each other." vs. "They're hugging which means they're lesbians.") One is a statement of fact not referring to the girls involved as lesbians. The other is saying that they are. Fine distinction but big difference in the cult of conformity called elementary school.


LaurieG said...

Did you beep at me Saturday?

Heather said...

love the tulips! And they are the colors of your socks! Fabulous!!! Have fun in MD, it seems like forever since I have seen you!