Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Here There Be Dragons

Well it's eyeless but ready to be seen. Here's the Dragon Scarf. Elder Celting was happy enough to model it. He decided that he liked the red so he keeps this one. Younger Celting liked the green on the pattern so I'll be ordering stuff for that one. I'm hoping Morehouse Farm will allow me to get the kit at a discount since I've already bought one kit and don't need the pattern. With my luck, I'm going to be making the eyes myself and ordering elsewhere. So now I'm working on my Rockin' Sock Club pattern Grasshopper. Not sure how much I like it but I do love the yarn. And I'm waiting on my delivery of Vesper sock yarn to do my Socks in Socks. I think it's really a slump for me right now so perhaps I should be kicking to get the spinning done. Just working being motivated which is hard to do when you're attempting to keep up with soccer, baseball, and general Celting schedules. Not to mention trying to keep the coworkers functional to the point where I don't have to cleanup their messes. Perhaps I should just write a pattern or dye some yarn to get out of this funk.

Monday, May 7, 2007

I Can't Believe I Walked the Whole Thing....

I made it back from the Festival and boy am I tired. I spent two days walking around trying to find beautiful stuff. I'm a couch potato and my legs are now reminding me. It was beautiful weather there. Cool not cold, beautiful skies. But on to the booty....
I got a ton of stuff see? My goal was to find some fun stuff to spin that I couldn't get locally. I was also wanting to get some fun yarns to play with. I think I got some good deals and some fun stuff. We started by going to The Fold for Socks that Rock. There was a line to get in just to look and a line to pay for your purchases. They were both long. Check out Laurie's page, she snapped some pics. I managed to get two yummy colorways and a pattern I've been liking. I showed great restraint. Then we were off to Little Barn for bargains. I found some yummy fibers to spin. That purple one and the stripey one. I spent about $20 for both. Laurie bought a ton of stuff to custom dye. From there, I went to buy stuff for myself, Julia, and Heather at the Festival counter. LONG LINE. But interesting people to talk to.

After that, we went over to Tess Yarns to see what she has. Always beautiful colorways and I'm weak. I was originally going to just grab a skein of ribbon and maybe some of her baby/sock yarn. See that bag of blue yarn? That's what I bought. I can't get the beautiful color to show right but it sang a siren song. Saw it and couldn't put it back. Was tempted with a sideways tank but when I went back on Sunday she didn't have enough ribbon in the color I wanted to do it in.
The rest of the weekend was spent trolling through all the booths finding yummy things. Laurie saw the Dragon Scarf and dragged me over. The Celtings adore dragons. Guess what they're getting. :) Found that burgundy/green/brown sock yarn twice. Once on Saturday and once on Sunday. It was meant to be as it's name is "Dirty Girl", go figure.

The most interesting person I saw though was the 6'4" man with a shaved head, Harley shirt, and a KILT. Snapped some pictures with the film camera and will post when developed along with his interesting story. Oh and there was this lady with purple hair to match her purple jacket. No she wasn't a 20 something. Try more like 50 or 60 something. Like that bright pastel purple you see in all the little girl clothes. Not sure what that was.

Well I'll post more as I wrap things up. Just wanted to share my stash expansion.