Tuesday, August 26, 2008

As You Wish...

So I took this quiz and here are my results:

Your result for The Princess Bride trivia Test...


Inconceivable! You scored ###!

You live it, you love it, you lost track long ago of how many times you have seen it. You have been known to wish someone luck by hollering "have fun storming the castle!" You scoff at people who cannot recite the entire 'battle of wits.' You are a true fan.
Thank you. Its people like you that give me hope for humanity.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Screaming Monkey

Just wanted to share my Screaming Monkey before bed. :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Warning Spoilage!

Okay I have Vesper Sock Club Spoilage later in this post so please don't scroll down if you don't want to know.

Alrighty now that that is out of the way....

Here's what I did last night. In anticipation of my new sock club yarn appearing, I plied up my Requiem handspun with the new whorl. I think it may be a little underplied but much better than before. :) I love how the purple plays off the pink and the pink off the green. I'm pretty happy with it. Here's the details: Knitterly Things South African Fine in Requiem, 4oz. I haven't measured wpi, tpi, or yardage yet but I'll let you know when I do. Just yummy.

This makes me confident that I can order some fiber to spin up and then knit for a special gift. I've been checking out Spunky Eclectic's custom colorways. I'm kind of liking the off beat coloring of Boogie Woogie.

Okay so I came home today and found this:

Ms. Julia is so good with coordinating her packages with the goodies inside. Peeling back the tissue I found this delight inside which sent my heart a fluttering.

Imagine what I felt when I pulled it out of the gifty bag to find not only beautiful colors but merino/tencel to boot! YAY!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mmmmm Blueberry

Laurie has recently been kind enough to pick me up some blueberries from Trax Farm. Every fall I would see the blueberry patch on the hay ride and think I needed some the following year. This year I got some. We made pancakes with them and had them for dinner.

Now having said this, I also received my slow and extra slow whorls for my wheel. Since I have a tendency to overply, I thought these would help. I took a picture of them with the blueberry pancakes for scale. Pretty big huh?

Oh and Tulip was welcomed by my niece with a big "OHHHH Pretty!" and many compliments from those gathered as she whipped it out of the gift bag. Now I'm just down to Rainbow Bright and the last 5 rows. I am considering a final slip stitch row of pink for trim but we'll see.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Look I found my pictures!

So in downloading my pics, I found this one I snapped at the PPG Aquarium. I love these guys everytime I see them.
And here were the most dangerous and scary animals I saw at the zoo that day.
However, being a softee, I let them back out into the wild where they were spotted this past weekend searching for large felted mittens.

I even caught the behind the scenes of this shot with my own kind of blurry shot. :)
But on to the knitting! I've got pictures of Indecisive Socks Redux. I wanted to post something that really showed the colors glowing, so I waited until I could get a shot from the backyard. I also got a shot of my Apres Surf in progress. I'm liking the yarn enough that I might even do a simple twinset with it. We'll see.

I've also opted to do a Celtic Tote for my new commute on the trolley. I'm hoping to talk to Heather to see what I should do to line it. I'm going to do a bright cheery color to chase away the gray winter. But the tote will have to wait until I finish off Rainbow Bright and Tulip. Well... Tulip will be receiving the collar trim/ties as soon as I post this. So I guess that must means Rainbow Bright.

I also ordered my larger whorls so that I can ply up my stuff from Julia and then look for something for another baby gift. If the ply goes well with Julia's stuff, I want to do some handspin for another Babies and Bears.

Oh and I see that Heather swiped my idea for July's Vesper Sock Club yarn to do Monkeys. But at least I can see that it is working out well. Kind of like test knitting without having to frog if I don't like it. :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Trivia Time!

Okay so I found a favorite movie from the '80s last night while I worked on the Tulip. Let see if you can guess where you can find the five following characters opening up to one another:

  • Andy Clark

  • Brian Johnson

  • John Bender

  • Claire Standish

  • Allison Reynolds

Bonus if you can name all five actors.

Double Bonus if you can give me Brian Johnson's middle name.

What will you win? I haven't decided yet. Just remember, no cheating you actually have know the answer, not find it online.

Monday, August 4, 2008

No Pics But Some News

Okay so rather than be a bad blogger YET AGAIN, I decided to post without pics. Forgive me, I'll add some new ones later.

Firsts, I did find a new job. I'm the newest Web Developer at a benefits billing company downtown. I started on Wednesday and it's all that new person stuff. You know, making sure you have all the right access, loading your software, and learning the ropes. I did make sure I stopped into Ewe Can Knit on Friday to knit during lunch. They were all impressed with the Apres Surf Hoodie. I'm just before the division of front and back.

I'm also finishing the second Indecisive Sock for testing my written pattern. They are turning out beautifully. I'm also working the biasing into the pattern. This is my trolley knitting. Since I now work downtown, I get to take the trolley to work. Even better with the gas prices.

The Rainbow Bright is still chugging away. I ripped it back all the way to the pink star and reworked to have 6 rows of each color instead of 4. The previous version just wasn't going to work out large enough. I'm now on the 3rd row of blue. So pretty much where I left off in my previous post.

I've put both Rainbow Bright and Apres Surf on hold though. I'm focusing on finishing the second Indecisive and my second Tulip,for my niece. Her birthday is on the 12th and I'm close enough that it's silly for me not to finish it. I've got the left front border, I cord bind-off of the body, and partial sleeves. I think I should finish it either tomorrow or Wednesday. Then I'm going to focus on Rainbow Bright as my "at home" project. Travel will be Indecisive Sock.

After Indecisive though, I'm debating patterns to use to exploit my July shipment of Vesper Yarn. ABSOLUTELY beautiful. Heather's right, every time I open the package, this is what I hope for when I get any club shipment. I think the only one from Blue Moon that has come close is the most recent colorway of Goody,Goody. Beautiful rainbow pastel, perfect for babies.

Okay so this week's assignment(should I wish to accept it): Pictures. This blog will self destruct in 10 seconds....