Monday, July 7, 2008

Rainstorms and Rainbows

Well I went on another face to face interview today. It seemed to go well. I'm also supposed to be hearing about my last face to face this week sometime. So, if I'm lucky, I may have TWO offers this week.

This one for today was downtown and I took the trolley. This worked out great, until I was headed home. We got stuck for a while when a nasty storm blew not one but two seperate tree limbs onto the tracks. Luckily, we had some handy guys on the trolley who got out in the downpour and moved them both times. I'm not sure how long we would've had to wait otherwise.

Anyhow, I got home and spent some time working on my latest baby gift. This one is for Kelly. I just love how the colors are playing. Don't you just love it? I call it Rainbow Bright because that's what it makes me think of. I'm going to have to see how big the last few rounds are going to be with the last of the blue and the purple I have. If it's not big enough, I may have to get the purply pink color and finish with a final round of pink. We'll see.

Oh and on the knitting front, I'm working out the heel on Indecisive Sock. I'm close and once I have the heel, it's home sailing from there. For the bind off, I'm going to look for something super stretchy and using both colors. Suggestions welcome.