Tuesday, June 16, 2009

News but no pics

Okay I'm a blogging slacker. But you knew this already. I felt I should post given that there are a couple of things to share. First the Friday Night Knitters are celebrating four years as a group! Can you believe four years ago we called up B&N and started this mess? And look at all the fun people that have been drawn to us. You've made me a better person and helped me to expand my knowledge. THANKS!!!!

Second, Celtic Consort and I went out to Rockler to purchase his router table. This was the last tool he needed before starting in on sock blocker designs. While we were there, I checked out the very pretty woods they had there. My favorite was the curly waterfall bubinga, lots of ripply woodgrain that's gorgeous. Well that and the purpleheart. Anyhow, now he's off to get hardboard to make some jigs for this.

In discussion as what makes a good sock blocker, I mentioned things such as air vents instead of a solid piece for faster drying. I was thinking hearts, circles, stars, etc. He said no. He plans on Celtic Knots!!!!!!! I knew there was a reason I married him. :) So he just needs to figure out what patterns he's doing and I'll probably have some testing to do.

BTW here's my list of things I would want in a sock blocker:
  • Air vents
  • Hook for hanging
  • Available in knee high
  • Smooth non staining finishing
  • Beautiful woods

Any other suggestions?