Wednesday, March 28, 2007

We Wish To Welcome You To Munchkinland

See this hat? It's called Cutie Patutti. I call it fugly. This was the firststhing I thought of when I saw Annie Modesitt's baby onesie in the new Vogue Knitting. Laurie also commented about the onesie. If you were planning on being mean to a baby, these are how you'd do it. It's Laurie's opinion that I make this for my SIL whom I can't stand next time she has a baby. I don't like her, but geez it's not the kid's fault. I'm not that mean... to kids.... that aren't mine..... I mean look at that thing over there. I'm thinking either cabbage or Munchkin when I look at it. (Come on, you know you can here them singing "We represent the Lollipop Kid... the Lollipop Kid... the Lollipop Kid.")

On to brighter news on the knitting front, I wove in the ends on the Beckham beanie and will be casting on this evening for the second one. I've got to dig out the hunter orange and camo yarns. But take a look at the socks. Almost done, yet look closely. Notice Dear Reader, that while I used the same number of stitches in blue as in green, I have much more green than blue left to go. Good thing I thought ahead on this. I'm prepared with more blue but just poopy that I have to call it out.

Oh and I got a bonus from work! Yay me! Didn't get the title to reflect the role I already play, but some monetary gain will distract me almost as much as something shiny. Anywho, I'm going to use a portion to buy a spinning wheel. See Heather, I played honestly. :) So now the question is do I just order the Schacht Matchless or do I hold out until MD to test drive some more and hope for show deals. Hmmmmm

Monday, March 26, 2007

Signs of Spring

First knitting news for all of you. I'm almost done with the hat just need to do the last round of decreases and pull the end through. However, I've finished the first sock and I'm up to the leg on the second. At this rate, I should be able to finish the second sock and start on the second hat. I'm hoping to use up the last of the camo yarn from the Celtings camo sweaters for it.

On to the subject of Spring. This week I've had a few signs of spring. First was the call from the soccer coach reminding me that soccer started Saturday... at 8:30am. Now for those of you who don't know me, I could sleep until noon if the Celtings would let me so this is butt crack of dawn early for me. I am prepared with my knitting gloves but still need to order my Lava Buns. Now if only Starbucks delivered.

Yesterday evening was the second sign. After the Celtings had spent a glorious spring day playing outside ("Go be boring outside!"), I found a familiar and painful sight when then trekked back into the house. Bright pink sunburn on the back of their necks and across the bridges of their noses. Now I'm a fair lady so I can sympathize with the pain but boy does it make them look even more active and handsome. I should've known better but who's thinking sunscreen in March?

The third sign came as a call from the baseball coach rattling off all the details of upcoming practice. Everyone say "Go Padres!" as this is our team. Now if I recall, the Padres are navy and white which means investment in stain removers for Mom. Keep your fingers crossed that they go for grey and not white pants.

But here's the biggest sign... all 85lbs of her. Ginger, our dog. It's that time of year where we prop the front door to let in the fresh air and let her roam freely from inside to outside. In general a nice thing since we're not continually getting up to appease her exuberant behavior. However, Ginger is quite "chatty". This means anyone she can spot on our street, she must tell that this is HER YARD! And heaven forbid if you are a tall dark haired man or have a tiny dog. These people make her bark twice as much. To put things into perspective for you, Ginger is half Lab and half Rhodesian Ridgeback. This means she sleek, muscular, and darn intimidating when she's barking. Reactions range from some guy's "That's a good dog to have!" to the tiny tot's "PUPPY!! Pretty PUPPY!!!" to the most common... running like wild hounds are chasing you. So once again, I'm thinking of the bark collar. Not the zappy one, but the one with a citronella spray to distract her. Until then, it's outside with the bitter apple spray when excessive barking comes into play. Let's hope our friend Russian Lady doesn't reappear soon.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Are your balls big enough?

Well last night was Knitting night. We all got together at the B&N at South Hills Village and did our usual sharing. It was like old home week as members who had been missing for several get togethers had a chance to stop in. Steven brought the Marley and I got to crank. See this? This is your yarn... this is your yarn on crank. The plan is for approximately 200 skeins of this brightly colored yarn to be cranked on one of those little machines to make icord. The icord will then be knit into a very large clown scarf. As you can see, the colors lend themselves well to the process. I took a turn and received one of those little badges you see in the corner.
What? Your asking about those socks I'm working on? Well nothing exciting picture-wise so I didn't want to waste your bandwidth. The good news is I'm close to finishing the first one and will spend the rest of the weekend trying to make significant progress on the second. In the middle of all this I'm making some Beckham Beanies for the Represent tour. Harlot is here on FRIDAY!!! Must get cracking. If you're going to be there Friday night, look for me. I'll be the crazy redhead who will talk to anyone.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ever run out of projects?

About a month back, I was at the In-Laws for dinner to celebrate DH's birthday. As we sat chatting, my MIL asked about the project I was working on. It was a pair of socks for one of the boys. This then led to asking about my various knitting projects. My FIL was wearing the gansey I did for him for the holidays. I was wearing some Socks That Rock socks in a color whose name I can't remember. This prompted her to ask "So do you ever run out of projects?"

I couldn't help but to laugh. Run out of projects? Is there such a thing? If anything, I have a backlog of items I need/want to make. I have bins and hope chests full of yarn and knitting implements. So what dear Reader, prompted me to post about this? Well, I was reading about people in the Rockin Sock Club who still had kits from last year. I couldn't understand this. Why join a club if you're not going to work on the items? Then there was the person who posted she was afraid to knit the first kit. She stated she knew she had the skills but just couldn't do it. Afraid? Knit? What???

It hit me then, the first time I bought some Socks That Rock yarn. I was at MD Sheep & Wool and saw a beautiful sock. I bought some skeins because the colors were beautiful and I like how they pooled in the sample. I also bought a second colorway because I just couldn't decide. It was one of those "one of everything" moments. So the first set of colorways were knit into my favorite socks. Tigers Eye and a copper color. I was tempted to buy Rocky Horror which didn't have the white and just for the name but thought this would work together.

What happened to the other color? Weeelllll, it's still wound and waiting for me to make into something loved. The color is called Jewel of the Nile and was GORGEOUS in the skein. The ball doesn't do it justice. So now I'm thinking some new socks or handwarmers are in order. My goal here is to get some more yarn out before I hit MD again. Because you know, I'm coming home with loot.

Oh and in response to Laurie's comment yesterday, the dancing and bonfire happen for Beltane

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring has Sprung

I know some of you are wondering what happened to me yesterday. Here I started this lovely new blog and suddenly didn't post. You guys even left nice comments. I felt popular. Well I was busy doing things for the Vernal Equinox. It's not a huge celebration at my house but we do observe. And before you ask, Laurie, no I did not dance naked in the backyard.

Now back to knitting news. I've turned the heel on the brioche socks. I haven't knit in a few days because I've gotten pulled away (my aunt Jane sent me this quiz which I received 9 out of 10)but here it is. Look at how "artsy" the shot looks. Pure dumb luck with the phone cam and my background (my black glass top side table). Anyhow, it's a short row heel to go with the short row toe. I'm loving the construction so far and it's fun to do. So here's to no second sock syndrome.
For those of you looking for a pattern, I'll work it up when I'm done. This is one of my many, fly by the seat of your pants projects. Take a fun idea and run with it. I'm also hoping to cast on a quickie hat for Yarn Harlot's Represent Tour. I need to at least have one but I'd like to do two. After all, Elder Celting has off and on picked up the needles but isn't proficient enough to do a hat yet. I think he should be represented as well since you want to hold up the example of the strong male knitter.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Well Loved

Today was a day I was reminded why I love to knit for my boys. Yet again, as soon as it came out of the wash, Younger Celting pulled out his camo sweater. I made one for each boy (green for younger, blue for older) and trimmed them with that hunter safety orange. I even added extra long cuffs with thumbholes. Why? Well who doesn't want to keep their hands warm while still keeping their hands handy.

So when I went to pick him up at daycare, once again he was extolling the virtures of his handknit items. "Your mom should make you a sweater with thumbholes. See I can pull it up or stick out my thumb so I can color." It has not occurred to my younger child that not everyone knits. After all, Mom knits, Aunt Laurie knits, Mrs. HeyDude knits, the rest of Mom's friends knit, and Yarn "Carlot" (we don't know what Harlot is yet) knits.

This same sort of conversation was sparked after receiving these Spidey mittens from Aunt Laurie. Younger Celting attracted many admirers of mittens to whom he sincerely advised they tell their mommies to knit them some. I needed to hide for a few days after that.

These are the days when I remember that knitting for my children is giving them a hug as they go out into the wider world.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Indecisive Socks

After Heather reminded me I had a camera in my phone, I decided to see how well the pics would look. You see, that's why I had been holding out on the blog because a blog with no pics is like a life without chocolate. Still doable, but not nearly as yummy. Especially when you're talking about all your knitting and cute children besides.

Anyhow, dear reader, I've found that the pics are not horrendous so here I am.

So what about that title, huh? Well, it's about these socks. I'm thinking they are Marty the Zebra socks.

Am I green with blue stripes?

Am I blue with green stripes?

I purposefully choose to use something that you could reverse. It's like two pairs in one. I was inspired by the bad habit of the Celtings to not mention to Mom that they can't find any clean socks and so wear dirty ones a second time. Not thrilling with Mom but gives me ideas at least. So out came came some articles on bicolor brioche stitch and short row toes and heels.
To those of you who are in awe, don't be. Bicolor brioche is much easier in the round than flat. After all you're only knitting with one color at a time. It's similar to a slip stitch pattern. Hopefully next time, we'll have the heel.