Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Woogie Woogie Cookies

So as promised, I'm talking about Woogie Woogie Cookies. I know you're asking "CQ what the booger ARE Woogie Woogie cookies?" Actually they're just sugar cookies but they came to be known as Woogie Woogie due to small children remembering what to do. See when Elder Celting was younger, he started calling sugar cookies Wiggle Wiggle cookies because that's what you did with the cookie cutter. I would always say after he pressed it into the dough "Okay now wiggle, wiggle." Then a couple years ago Younger Celting was so excited about making the cookies, he mixed up wiggle and cookie as he was talking and it came out "Woogie, Woogie." It stuck. Now here's the kicker about our sugar cookies. They come from a recipe book from the 50's that my grandmother used. I'm not sure but I think Grandma said that it originally called for lard. We use butter flavored shortening. I've tried using butter, but the cookie spread too much and become too crisp. I like them thicker and softer. These have become the boys' favorite cookies to make.

Now on to knitting news. I managed to finish all my projects just in time for Xmas. I was seaming the Quidditch sweaters at my grandfather's on Xmas eve while we all were enjoying dinner. There were the three teacher scarves, a fluffy teal one, a fluffy purple one, and this lovely multidirectional. They all flew off the needles.

Then there was the Notre Dame de Grace sweater for my MIL. It was wonderfully received and once again, there was much surprise that I made it. Somehow, I wonder how it wasn't a backhanded compliment but all the same it is well loved.

My own mother was the recipient of this yummy shawl. Heather inspired me with the ones she made for herself and as gifts for her priest to give to his own mom. 4 balls of Suri Dream, some big needles, and a joyful time knitting.

So now what? Well, I'm finishing up the Transitional Gloves and the Animal Crackers hat so that I can do my swatch for the Rogue. YAY! I'm also getting ready to spin with the girls. Can't wait to have us all collected and spinning together on our wheels. I've never spun in a group before so hopefully I don't fail miserably. :)

Monday, December 3, 2007

Xmas Trees

So every year here at the Celtic Castle, we decorate for the holidays. And every year, it's the same routine. The Celtic Consort pulls a ton of boxes full of STUFF out of the attic. He then piles the boxes in various areas for me to access. His entire involvement with indoor decoration extends to putting up the tree in it's most basic form. Seen here looking like nothing more than Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree.

Oh and his favorite part: The Bumble

Next up: Fluffing! Yes every year it's my job to "fluff" the tree. This means that I've got to take the tree from looking like some strangled branch to a full size tree. Breathing life back into the smashed branches from being packed away for a full 11 months. After I'm done it looks like this:

So then we begin to decorate. Wrap on the lights, multicolored for us. Then comes garland. It's a lot less mess than icicles and more dog friendly. I found some this year with some holly shaped pieces which carry meaning for me. Then there are all the basic balls and stars. They LOOK like they are glass but they are actually plastic. I got them the first year we had a tree when Elder Celting was still a toddler. This means non breakable ornaments. Then comes all the ornaments we collect. My mom is a big Hallmark addict. So everyone gets at least 2-3 ornaments every year. Each one has a story. This is my favorite part of the season. Telling the stories behind ornaments. Even my grandfather's tree has stories behind it. Like the angel my cousin made when she was 5.... she's now 26. There's those hot pink God's Eyes from Laurie I think. Oh and don't forget the Lifesaver/yarn guy I made in Sunday school. And in the end, I get a holiday miracle.

Next time: Woogie Woogie Cookies