Saturday, June 30, 2007


The Celtic Consort has always expressed an interest in being one of "Them" or "Others". He also thought if he lived in the comic book universe he'd be a super villan. A proud moment for him was teaching Younger Celting his evil laugh. Kind of funny considering I'd always thought I'd be a misunderstood superhero. Karma is funny like that. So what's this got to do with anything? Well I went to knitting last nite and saw these: Hard to read I know but they're instruction manuals on how to be a super villan, better living for the super villan, the new superhero's handbook, how to survive a robot uprising, and how to be a pirate. But here's the funny thing. Look at what the sign above this display says:

Yes that's right it says IMPROVE YOURSELF. I found this hilarious. I mean who in management or marketing thought this was appropriate.

Anyhow, back to knitting. We MIGHT be relocating based on some reactions last nite. We are no longer posted on their calendar and we have to "make room" for some big event involving ghost hunters. While gently put to us, the attitude towards are group has really dropped off since we started two years ago. So two options are being investigated. Borders right across from South Hills Village seems to be okay and when called last evening we were told of a manager who also knits and spins. YAY! We've also discussed approaching Jo Beth on the Southside. This was kind of nice as it presented the opportunity of liquor and late night being added. I'll let you guys know.

Sock in Sock is moving along but has been delayed due to the deployment of the applications I develop at work. Think along the lines of giving everyone in my office the equivalent of a specialized Microsoft Office that I helped to design and develop. Neither small or easy. So knitting time was sucked up there. On the issue of the toe, I think I'm going traditional as I love the socks way to much to risk a toe I might not like. BTW, I saw the socks that Julia made out of her recent spinning efforts. One word: gorgeous. Okay two words: freakin' jealous. This girl always amazes me that she can do so many beautiful things. Makes me wish I had more time.

Friday, June 22, 2007


Here's my latest question: Do I cave to the MIL's desire to have a picture of all 4 grandchildren or do I take a stand? My MIL continually ignores my two boys while lavishing attention on my nephew and niece. And I'm not just thinking this, my husband sees it too. She recently expressed the desire for the picture to her husband who then shared with my husband. My thought is that if she really wanted to see the boys, she would make it to at least a WHOLE soccer game or A baseball game in a season. She would take the 15 minutes to drive from her house to mine to spend an occassional afternoon with them. Heck, she might even call me to bring them to her house. Keep in mind here, that my SIL and her two children actually live further from her than we do and my MIL is frequently doing things with them. I'm also a little overdone with my SIL dictating how the pictures will go. She even did it when I had the majority of the children. I would like a say here as to where we go, when we go, and even what the pics should look like. So do I take a stand here and say, I'm not doing it until someone meets us halfway here? Do I remind my mother in law that she hasn't actually seen my kids since April when she came earlier in the week for Elder Celting's birthday because she wasn't coming to his party?

Okay rant over. Back to knitting:
Here are some pics of my turned heels. Was actually pretty easy to do. I was expecting difficulty but Laurie confirmed my suspicions on how it was accomplished which is similar to cabling without a needle. While I'm working on the gusset and foot, I'll decide what type of toe I'm going to do. Laurie did a star toe for hers but she has long pointy toes. I've got flat wide feet and tend to do my toes wider. I'll let you know what I decide. BTW, LOVE the stitchholders Mary Pat sent. They are fabulous for not dropping the stitches on these things. Next up, Babies & Bears sweater for the guy at work.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Happy Solstice

Happy Solstice a little early! For those who know me, you know that tomorrow is a holiday, Summer Solstice. Apparently the magic of the day has come a little early to my house. I took the day off to get to an appointment for Elder Celting. This left me with a day to myself to enjoy the knitting I would do all day every day if I could. So imagine my surprise when I found not one but TWO packages in my mailbox. The first was from my exchange partner Mary Pat. Now here's a woman who knows my weaknesses. She sent a mug from her local chapter of the TKGA. This will be headed into the office tomorrow. In addition, she sent a Stitchkeepers which will help me keep my sock in sock from slipping off the needles. Funny thing was that when I read about them in Knitty's latest feature, I was thinking I needed to order some for our next exchange for HER! There was also a Go Knit Pouch in my favorite color and two bags of candied nuts which I can tell you already are tasty. :)

The second package was my latest installment from the Rockin' Sock Club. And rather appropriate for my celebrations tomorrow. The yarn is STR lightweight in a colorway named Firebird. All sorts of flamy colors in there. To show it off the pattern is The Solstice Slip. Rather on the money don't you think? Now the pattern can be done toe up or cuff down and I'm debating. I've been trying to get out of my usual groove so I might just do the toe up version. I don't understand the rabid devotion of toe up or cuff down that some folks have about socks. Me personally, I started with cuff down so that's what I'm usually thinking. That said, I don't find toe up difficult or objectionable. I'm thinking I'll do toe up just to break out from the norm.

But CQ, what about your Sock in Sock? Well here's my progress. I'm working on the heel and will soon reach the point for turning. I'll probably be calling Laurie for some advice but worst case scenario, I think I can manage. I'll also be working on plying my spinning. Julia's posts have been urging me on with this. There's also a baby sweater deadline around the corner. So there's a crunch for knitting coming and I'm going to get it done. I'm also thinking about what to make with the yarn I bought from Tess. Right now I'm thinking longer sweater, center cable surrounded by Fibonacci ribs. Input welcome. :)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Beautiful Weekend

So what does the Celting Clan do with a nice weekend? Well to start with we picked up Elder Celting's friend on Saturday morning and jaunted off to the theater. We met up with Laurie and her OS to see Shrek the Third. She had just come from seeing Heather who declined to come as it would seem poor form for a mom to tell her kids she had ditched them and proceeded to see such a film without them. I was making sure to utilize the official Knit in Public day to work on my Sock in Sock which I had left off as this on Friday nite. Laurie seemed to think I had picked it up rather quick and I agreed. (Remember this later.)

We came home to a nice trek on our favorite trail in South Park with the Celting Consort. Such a spirit provoked both Celtings to do this:

And this:

Indoor camping at it's finest. I'm thinking later in the summer we'll have to do backyard camping.

Now remember when Laurie and I agreed on my knack for the Sock in Sock? We spoke too soon. Saturday nite, I was distracted by some good Futurama episodes and made a few crosses. After attempting to drop down some stitches and fix them, then proceeding to try and tink back after that didn't work. I said (insert favorit explitive here) and pulled them off the needles and frogged it. I quickly found that if I had gone down 2 more rows, I would've righted myself and not had an issue. As it was I spent all day yesterday attempting to get it going again after such a quick success the first time. Once I got the ball rolling, I was fine. I've been super diligent about checking for crosses since. See how pretty? I'm loving the way this is knitting up. The colors are so ME! I'm loving the summery vibe of it. I keep thinking of those utopian summer ideals of watermelons and sunshine and lush lawns. One of the girls at work said it reminded her of a vibrant field of poppies on a clear day. If this is what I'm thinking now, imagine what it will be like when I get to the toe. I can't express how bad the phone cam is not capturing these beautiful colors. I'm going to have to see if I can't get a real digital camera pic to show you how absolutely beautiful they are.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Get by with a little help...

So I've finally snapped out of my funk. Why? Well this beauty is why. :) Yes, Miss Julia said thanks for the Maryland Swag by filling an order for some hard to get Vesper Sock Yarn. But even better is the colorway. It's an original named after yours truly. And she hit the nail on the head. This pics just do not do justice to the beautiful varied greens and flamy orange/reds. I've got to finish off my first STR Silkie Grasshopper sock before I can start my Sock In Sock. Talk about encouragement. I think it was the blue moon or maybe the Blood Moon we saw leaving Knit Knite at B&N. Speaking of which, Carly brought her friend Emily again. Yes she's converted another one. Emily's great and I don't think there's a musical she doesn't know. We're going to have to get both of these ladies addicted to socks shortly.

After my socks, I've got to do a baby sweater for one of my Sys Admins at work. He and his new wife are expecting their first at the beginning of August. It's going to be in that lovely stuff I bought from Tess in Maryland. As usual, I'll do a Babies & Bears maybe switching up the collar but I'll have to see. As the kindly elderly woman in Maryland said "It's not those CRAP baby colors." :) I'm hoping to get my blog act together this week since soccer is over and baseball is winding down. I know I only posted TWICE during May. The plan is to start plying my stuff on the spinning front and share my joy. :)