Monday, March 1, 2010

Golden Bees

I thought for a while as to what to do for Knitting Olympics this year. I wanted a challenge but I didn't want to go nuts either. So I opted for The Bees' Knees from The New Stranded Colorwork. Not terribly large, challenging with having to stitch and cut steeks, all around perfect.

I managed to cast on during opening ceremonies despite having to go to dinner at the MIL's for Celtic Consort's delayed birthday dinner. I worked when I could given trying to cram in extra work. I even worked it in around Celtic Consort's carpal tunnel surgery.

I ordered a new steamer and bought my first sewing machine. Both excellent purchases and easy to use. I was happy that I purchased the sewing machine at a bargain price at Target. Perfect basic machine for the types of things I would need to do with it now and in the future.

I spent my last few days managing a drugged up husband and final preparations for closing ceremonies. Basting steek lines, blocking with the steamer, stitching the steek lines.

Then the scissors to knitting. I have to say, after sewing the steek lines it was a giant relief. That was the part that scared me, not the cutting.

The cuts made it a freeing moment. And the final knitting of the facings. And the seaming of the sleeves. I felt I grew for this olympics.

Here is the beautiful end. Enjoy.