Thursday, January 28, 2010

Body Bag

So for Wuletide, DPUTiger was fabulous with her sewing skills and gifted me with a lovely box bag. (mine is the dark purple, second row from top) I think there's something about the fact that there is a big zombie theme here at Celtic Castle. She made it in purple and green because those are the colors listed as favorite in Ravelry and I LOVE it! However, kind of funny that purple and green make me think zombies. Why is this relevant? Well right now, it's acting as a body bag. I have a head, two arms and a partial torso in it right now. That's right I'm carrying around body parts. All soft and squishy.
I should finish Lego man in time for the party Saturday night. I just have been hiding knitting. So lots of trolley knitting.

I'd also like to give DPUTiger credit for enabling this. She might as well have posted a billboard saying CQ sign up here. I've decided to do it in Silk Thread II from Blue Moon in Blue Moonstone. I've also gotten these beads. Yum!

Oh and did I mention I also found my Knitting Olympics project? I'm doing this.

Yarn is winging it's way here right now!

Last but not least, I had a library stash enhancement that will surprise almost no one. I found this book during Celtic Consort's post dinner excursion. I took one look inside and said I had to have it.


Rani said...

I JUST learned how to knit brioche, but I'm curious to see how it goes for you. There seems to be a few different ways to do this. I found it completely confusing at first, but now it's ok.

You have so many exciting new projects coming your way. I'm jealous!

DPUTiger said...

Someday, I need a brioche lesson. Next time you do a BMFA order, let me know -- I'm dying for a skein or two of one of the Olympic colorways (Ilanaaq). Glad you're liking your body bag, and that you jumped on to the Evenstar KAL. I honestly didn't specifically have you in mind when I mentioned it, I've just seen the group of minions growing exponentially on Plurk and figured I might have some readers who would be interested (you know how I feel about lace). Your yarn/bead selections look amazing!

Heather said...

nice acquisitions! I am wondering if I will get my act together for olympics. I picked up yarn and a dale of norway book at bloomin this weekend to make a sweater for Erika... if I get my act together and finish JJ's red one. Fun! Hope the lego man went over as well as the... thing Laurie made!

Downtown Dancing Knitter said...

GorGeous cardigan! I really want to do the knitting olympics... But I think I'm going to have mine over spring break--- I realize that completely goes against the whole point, but let's be honest, those professors aren't going to take it light during the olympics.

Those box bags are super cute-- can't wait to possible see a photo of the lego man, when assembled of course, no graphic images of disassembled bodies please. ;-)