Monday, February 14, 2011

My Bloody Valentine

Celtic Consort is a very basic man. He's not into what he calls "made up" holidays. Don't get me wrong, he'll likely come home with a sweet card and maybe some extra dark chocolate for me. And most years, that's the extent of our "romantic" holiday.

So when I saw Honeysuckle in Rowan 45, I knew I wanted it just not in some soft neutral. I wanted COLOR. I wanted BOLD! I wanted Kidsilk Haze in Blood, a rich deep red that looks great on just about everyone include this fair redhead. I scored some at the Bloomin Yarns Black Friday sale. The only Black Friday sale I have ever attended.

I decided rich red would be perfect for Valentines. A way to treat myself like the fabulous woman I am. As I started working on it, I was lured into attending the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival. Friends would be there as vendors and it'd been a few years. And what better way to show off my fabulous new lace sweater?

I worked feverishly after finishing my mother's gift. Ignoring posts on Ravelry. Knitting whenever possible. I overcame two sick days. I planned when to knit various pieces as beading was added to the border. Beads do not travel well on the trolley. But I did it! I love it!

Many comments and fawning happened at the festival. I felt great! What a wonderful Valentine gift. So here are my thanks to Elder Celting for his help with photos.

Honeysuckle Back Wing

Honeysuckle Front 2

Honeysuckle Front Closeup


Rani said...

Oh My. Oh my oh my! it's absolutely fabulous. really. I love the color - bold and beautiful. What a perfect way to spend Valentine's day - all dressed up in vavoom!

boadiccea said...

So THAT's the red sweater?!?!? Oh my! It's GORGEOUS!!! Wish I had seen it in person at PghK&CFest! :)